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A key strand of ERAMMP is to undertake a National Field Survey in Wales to provide information for the evaluation of the Glastir agri-environment scheme and ongoing Sustainable Land Management.  

Re-sampling all of the 300 1km squares that were sampled during the Glastir Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (GMEP, 2013-2016), our specialist team of 37 surveyors will record many aspects of the Welsh countryside including its habitats, plant and animal species, water & soils. 

Capturing the current state of Wales’ natural environment through the National Survey will allow a high-quality assessment of landscape change over time with reference to historical data. 

About the National Survey 

The ERAMMP National Survey is an annual rolling snapshot to map the condition of the natural environment across Wales.  

Measurements include:  

NFS survey graphic

We record short and long-term trends, over the past 40 years in some instances, building on GMEP and other previous surveys.  

It should be noted the survey is not related in any way to compliance or inspection process for any farm payment scheme.  

Survey Statistics since 2013


1 kilometer plots were measured


botanical plots


photos were taken of the landscape


bird surveys were carried out