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Informing, Monitoring and Evaluating Sustainable Land Management

The Welsh environment supports significant economic sectors including agriculture, fisheries, tourism and forestry and are of importance to other policy areas including health and well-being, energy and infrastructure. In order to develop policies that build social, economic and environmental resilience and to evaluate programme implementation, the Welsh Government requires a robust Environment and Rural Affairs Monitoring & Modelling Programme (ERAMMP).

ERAMMP is developing insight into Sustainable Land Management (SLM) of the Welsh landscape through championing collaboration with a large consortium of partners bringing the best of their expertise and ongoing activities across the monitoring and modelling community.


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Monitoring, Modelling & Evidence provision

ERAMMP is building confidence in our evidence base to support the sustainable well-being of future generations by delivering an integrated programme of monitoring and modelling.

Collecting data from across the Welsh landscape and employing models to assess change and future impact, while providing the evidence and insight the Welsh Government need in order to advance effective policies that build social, economic and environmental resilience. 

The programme aims to provide business-critical evidence and expertise through the three interrelated components of Monitoring (the National Field Survey), Modelling (the Integrated Modelling Platform) and the provision of Evidence and expert advice.


Cross-Cutting Themes

Through Monitoring, Modelling and Evidence Provision ERAMMP covers a vast array of environmental and social themes.

Find out more about: 

  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Air 
  • Woodland
  • Greenhouse Gas
  • Soil & Peat
  • Cultural heritage
  • Landscape
  • Recreation & Access
  • Land-Sea Interface 

Programme Partners

ERAMMP is a pioneering scheme to develop a sustainable future for Wales. Led by UKCEH on behalf of the Welsh Government, bringing together and a large consortium of other partners to ensure the ambitious programme has the right expertise and makes the best of existing activities from across the monitoring and modelling community.

These Programme Partners include: