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Modelling provides advice to support Sustainable Land Management in Wales

With advances in monitoring, quality of data and modelling complexity, decision support tools now provide considerable assistance to decision makers across a wide range of policy portfolios associated with the management of natural resources.  

Models can be developed into tools to enhance evidence and contribute to identifying landscape scale intervention logic, inform policy design, enable targeted implementation, identifying policy trade-offs and benefits, and quantify external drivers such as climate change.  

Models can also be utilised for predictive evaluation, estimating the potential impact of policies prior to their implementation, allowing the decision makers to test a range of scenarios to greatly enhance the value for money of policy outcomes and help avoid unintended consequences. 

Within ERAMMP modelling forms a core activity across most of our research and assessments. The two main avenues for impact are the Integrated Modelling platform (IMP) and the Quick-Start rapid modelling.  

Modelling in ERAMMP