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Responsive modelling assessments 

The primary aim of the ERAMMP Quick Start was to provide the Welsh Government with an initial and rapid assessment of the potential changes resulting from Brexit scenarios and to explore the concept of a public goods scheme.  

The following were the key features of the Quick Start assessment: 

  • Draws on expert judgement from WG policy in developing plausible scenarios 

  • Uses field, farm and catchment scale resolution depending on relevance to the public good 

  • Can utilise administrative data (IACS) 

  • Includes process models allowing for current climate sensitivity 

  • Outputs are modelled and does not violate personal data/GDPR protection 

Outputs covered

  • Forestry (woodland C sequestration and their substitution value for energy and construction calculated but as yet not reported) 

  • Climate regulation (GHG emissions, soil and peat C) 

  • Water (nutrients and sediments to rivers) 

  • Air (emissions and particulate formation) 

  • Health (air quality (PM2.5) and effects on human health) 

  • Biodiversity (plant biodiversity; impact on breeding birds) 

  • Recreation 

All outputs with the exception of biodiversity are expressed as economic value as public goods where appropriate, with all uncertainty assessed through a transparent list of all assumptions and through expert judgement 

The ERAMMP Quick Start was for an initial very rapid assessment of change. For a more detailed integrated assessment see the IMP. 

Reports and related activities