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The previous programme to ERAMMP was The Glastir Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (GMEP).  

GMEP (2013-2016) was commissioned by the Welsh Government to assess the performance of Glastir. 

Glastir is the Welsh Government's sustainable land management scheme which pays for environmental goods and services aimed at: 

  • Combating climate change 

  • Improving water quality and managing water resources 

  • Improving soil quality and management 

  • Halting biodiversity loss 

  • Managing landscapes and historic environment and improving public access to the countryside 

  • Woodland creation and management 

GMEP was launched at the same time as the Glastir scheme. This provides fast policy feedback allowing for the scheme to be modified to improve efficiency and effectiveness.    

You can find out more about GMEP at: GMEP.Wales