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A re-analysis of national survey data for SoNaRR-2020 reporting

The Sustainable Farm Scheme (SFS) Evidence Pack Review is a set of reports and technical annexes published in July 2019.

There are 12 datasets of GMEP field data (2013-2016) on the UKCEH Environmental Information Platform (EIDC).

A set of reviews and reports produced in the first full year (2018/2019) of ERAMMP.

An evidence base to inform the development of a National Forest for Wales

A project completed in 2016 to identify options and develop agreed recommendations for an integrated natural resources monitoring framework for Wales. This project was the precursor to ERAMMP.

GMEP and ERAMMP project team members and colleagues have published a range of academic research papers, explanatory articles and other published works.

Reports from the GMEP Project (2013-2016).