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A series of reviews and reports were produced in the second full year (2019/2020) of the ERAMMP Programme:

ERAMMP Report-25: Annex-4B of the SFS Evidence Review:
"Ecosystem resilience on improved Farmland"

PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-25 Annex-4B Improved Farmland v1.0_en.pdf

ERAMMP Report-26: Quick Start: Small Sector Agriculture Modelling

PDF icon ERAMMP_Rpt-26_QuickStart-2_Small_Sectors_v1.0_en.pdf

ERAMMP Report-27: Valuation Methodologies

PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-27 Valuation Methodologies v1.0_en.pdf

ERAMMP Report-30 GMEP re-analysis for SoNaRR2020PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-30 GMEP re-analysis for SoNaRR2020 v1.0.pdf

PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-30TA1 GMEP re-analysis for SoNaRR2020 ANNEXES v1.0.pdf

ERAMMP Report 32: National Forest in Wales Evidence ReviewPDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-32 National Forest Evidence Review v1.0_en.pdf
ERAMMP Report-33: Forest Annex-1: BiodiversityPDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-33 NF Annex-1 Biodiversity v1.0_en.pdf
ERAMMP Report-34: Forest Annex-2: Managing Undermanaged WoodlandPDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-34 NF Annex-2 Undermanaged v1.0_en.pdf
ERAMMP Report-35: Forest Annex-3: Future-proofing Our WoodlandPDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-35 NF Annex-3 Future v1.0_en.pdf

ERAMMP Report-36: Forest Annex-4: Climate Change Mitigation

PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-36 NF Annex-4 Climate Change v1.0_en.pdf

ERAMMP Report-37: Forest Annex-5: Ecosystem ServicesPDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-37 NF Annex-5 Ecosystem Services v1.0_en.pdf
Forest Annex-6: ERAMMP Report-38: Economics and Natural Capital AccountingPDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-38 NF Annex-6 Economics v1.0_en.pdf
Forest Annex-7: ERAMMP Report-39: Integrated AssessmentPDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-39 NF Annex-7 Integrated Assessment v1.0_en.pdf

Some documents have been revised since their original publication as version 1.0; this is indicated by their revised version numbers on this page. The changes will be detailed in the version history box within the document.

Other GMEP and ERAMMP Outputs:

Data Analysis for SoNaRR

A re-analysis of national survey data for SoNaRR-2020 reporting

SFS Evidence Pack Review

The Sustainable Farm Scheme (SFS) Evidence Pack Review is a set of reports and technical annexes published in July 2019.

Reviews and reports produced in the second year (2019/2020) of ERAMMP.

Field Survey Datasets (2013-2016)

There are 12 datasets of GMEP field data (2013-2016) on the UKCEH Environmental Information Platform (EIDC).

ERAMMP Year-1 Reports (Sept 2019)

A set of reviews and reports produced in the first full year (2018/2019) of ERAMMP.

Coedwig Genedlaethol yng Nghymru

An evidence base to inform the development of a National Forest for Wales

"Future Options" Project Reports

A project completed in 2016 to identify options and develop agreed recommendations for an integrated natural resources monitoring framework for Wales. This project was the precursor to ERAMMP.

Academic Papers & Publications

GMEP and ERAMMP project team members and colleagues have published a range of academic research papers, explanatory articles and other published works.

GMEP Project Reports

Reports from the GMEP Project (2013-2016).