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A series of reviews and reports were produced in the first full year (2018/2019) of the ERAMMP Programme:

Report-11: Year 1 Summary

PDF icon Report 11 Year-1 Summary v1.2.pdf
35 pages, 1.5MB

Report-12: ‘Quick Start’ Modelling (Phase 1)PDF icon Report 12 QuickStart-1 v1.2.pdf
78 pages, 5.5MB
and the technical annex
PDF icon Report 12TA1 QuickStart-1 Technical Annex v1.2.pdf
71 pages, 8.1MB
Report-13: Integrated Modelling Platform (IMP) UpdatePDF icon Report 13 IMP v1.0.pdf
16 pages, 690KB

Report-14: Development of Reduced Habitat Mapping Methods
PDF icon Report 14 Habitat mapping v1.0.pdf
8 pages, 145KB
Report-15: Selection of ERAMMP Field Survey SquaresPDF icon Report 15 Square Selection v1.0.pdf
14 pages, 225KB
Report-16: NRW & ERAMMP Monitoring Activities ReviewPDF icon Report 16 NRW Monitoring Review v1.0.pdf
14 pages, 195KB
and the technical annex
PDF icon Report 16TA1 NRW Monitoring Review Technical Annexes v1.0.pdf
18 pages, 455KB
Report-17: Woodland Monitoring ReviewPDF icon Report 17 Woodland review v1.0.pdf
24 pages, 290KB
Report-18: Technologies to Capture Evidence of Soil ErosionPDF icon Report 18 Soil Erosion v1.0.pdf
26 pages, 530KB
Report-19: Review of Monitoring at the Land-Sea InterfacePDF icon Report 19 Land-Sea v1.0.pdf
20 pages, 490KB
and the technical annex
PDF icon Report 19TA1 LSI Technical Annex v1.0.pdf
46 pages, 1.1MB
Report-20: Re-analysis of data for SoNaRRPDF icon Report 20 SoNaRR v1.0.pdf
20 pages, 1.2MB
Report-21: Revisiting Trends in Topsoil CarbonPDF icon Report 21 Soil Carbon v1.0.pdf
26 pages, 785KB
Report-22: A Review of the Contribution of Species Records held by Local Environmental Record Centres in Wales to ERAMMP Evidence NeedsPDF icon Report 22 LERCS v1.0.pdf
52 pages, 1.9MB
and the data-file
File Report 22D LERCS - Species classification datafile 5Apr2019.xlsx
(Spreadsheet file) 1.5MB
Report-23: Options for a Synthetic ‘Well-being of Future Generations’ Indicator 44PDF icon Report 23 Indicator 44 v1.0.pdf
13 pages, 260KB
Report-24: Welsh National Natural Capital Accounts: Ecosystem Service Accounts for Woodland, Farmland and Freshwater HabitatsPDF icon Report 24 NNCA v1.0.pdf
47 pages, 540KB

Some documents have been revised since their original publication as version 1.0 in September 2019; this is indicated by their revised version numbers on this page. The changes will be detailed in the version history box within the document.

Other GMEP and ERAMMP Outputs:

A re-analysis of national survey data for SoNaRR-2020 reporting

The Sustainable Farm Scheme (SFS) Evidence Pack Review is a set of reports and technical annexes published in July 2019.

There are 12 datasets of GMEP field data (2013-2016) on the UKCEH Environmental Information Platform (EIDC).

A set of reviews and reports produced in the first full year (2018/2019) of ERAMMP.

An evidence base to inform the development of a National Forest for Wales

A project completed in 2016 to identify options and develop agreed recommendations for an integrated natural resources monitoring framework for Wales. This project was the precursor to ERAMMP.

GMEP and ERAMMP project team members and colleagues have published a range of academic research papers, explanatory articles and other published works.

Reports from the GMEP Project (2013-2016).