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The National Forest Evidence Review was commissioned by Welsh Government from ERAMMP to provide key evidence of potential benefits and disbenefits of woodland creation, woodland expansion and managing undermanaged woodland, to provide an evidence base to inform the development of a National Forest for Wales.

ERAMMP Report-32: National Forest in Wales
Evidence Review Report
PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-32 National Forest Evidence Review v1.0_en.pdf
46 pages, 803KB
ERAMMP Report-33: National Forest in Wales
Annex-1: Biodiversity
PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-33 NF Annex-1 Biodiversity v1.0_en.pdf
72 pages, 889KB
ERAMMP Report-34: National Forest in Wales
Annex-2: Managing Undermanaged Woodland
PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-34 NF Annex-2 Undermanaged v1.0_en.pdf
14 pages, 231KB
ERAMMP Report-35: National Forest in Wales
Annex-3: Future-proofing our Woodland
PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-35 NF Annex-3 Future v1.0_en.pdf
54 pages, 2.0MB
ERAMMP Report-36: National Forest in Wales
Annex-4: Climate Change Mitigation
PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-36 NF Annex-4 Climate Change v1.0_en.pdf
252 pages, 4.1MB
ERAMMP Report-37: National Forest in Wales
Annex-5: Ecosystem Services
PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-37 NF Annex-5 Ecosystem Services v1.0_en.pdf
90  pages, 1.4MB
ERAMMP Report-38: National Forest in Wales
Annex-6: Economics and Natural Capital Accounting
PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-38 NF Annex-6 Economics v1.0_en.pdf
44 pages, 660KB
ERAMMP Report-39: National Forest in Wales
Annex-7: Integrated Assessment
PDF icon ERAMMP Rpt-39 NF Annex-7 Integrated Assessment v1.0_en.pdf
14 pages, 364KB
Zip archive of all English PDFsPackage icon ERAMMP National Forest Evidence Review - zip of all English PDFs.zip


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The Sustainable Farm Scheme (SFS) Evidence Pack Review is a set of reports and technical annexes published in July 2019.

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An evidence base to inform the development of a National Forest for Wales

A project completed in 2016 to identify options and develop agreed recommendations for an integrated natural resources monitoring framework for Wales. This project was the precursor to ERAMMP.

GMEP and ERAMMP project team members and colleagues have published a range of academic research papers, explanatory articles and other published works.

Reports from the GMEP Project (2013-2016).